I like jazz music, maple yogurt, and cute little shops
'I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.'
— Anonymous (via crazeist)


watering plants is so stressful like you can’t ask them if they need more or less? like is this enough for you, oh is this too much or do you need more water to grow, are you thirsty, shit are you drowning can you answer me   P LE ASE


Katie Silvester

Benjamin Heath
2, 13, 18 o:
- Anonymous

Sorry I didnt answer these earlier!

2: I’ll post a pic in a sec

13: My life goals would be, becoming an established artist (whether as a hobbie or as a source of income), having a career that makes me happy, being with someone who constantly challenges me to be the best me I can be, and to travel to different places and see exciting world things. 

18: When it comes to phobia’s, I’m slightly claustrophobic but besides that I just have a lot of things I don’t like or am afraid of (but wouldn’t necessarily classify them as phobia’s) 

Thks for asking!